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Pashma Story


3684 meters above sea- level- In the arid high-altitude desert of Ladakh reside a tribe of nomads- the Changpa tribe whose primary occupation for the last 500 years has been to rear a relatively small herd of highly pedigreed goats- the Changthama that yields the finest and longest cashmere fibres with an average fiber length of over 40 mm and an average fiber diameter of under 14 microns.

 Changpa Tribes of Ladakh

By virtue of extremely selective breeding, the pedigree of the Changthama has been preserved across generations and has not been compromised to meet the demands of mass production.

Changthama Goats

The cashmere fibres obtained from the Changthama goats therefore are infinitely superior to those obtained from cashmere goats in other parts of the world.The total annual production of the Changpa Cashmere is under 7 tones which represents under 0.1% of the world’s cashmere production.

This exquisite produce of the finest cashmere fibres in the world is resourced directly from the herders in Ladakh and spun into fine yarns in Pashma’s own factory using proprietary processes that marry traditional manufacturing techniques with state-of-art technology. 

Pashma presents this exquisite produce for the first time in a collection of exquisite weaves and textures in the natural colors of the cashmere fibre- undyed and with minimal processing.